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My name is Yunior Gonzalez, your tour guide in Cuba, with more than 10 years of experience

Working with tourists from different parts of the world, who seek as a goal, enjoy, live experiences in my countru and exchange cultures on the island, full of wonderful Beaches, rivers and national parks. Our services are complemented by providing a pleasant stay, making your vacation an unforgettable experience in your life.

4 People – $150

8 People – $200


Havana is the bigger city in the island, its architecture, its people, its rhythms, its ocean and more attractions will captivate the attention of its visitors. So much history, cultures places, amazing views, museums, majestic buildings since XVII century. Havana is the capital of Cuba and the most important city for locals. (30 minutes from the international airport Jose Marti)

4 People – $150

8 People – $200


This wonderful and unique place is a combination between the typical and nature of the Cubans, its cigars farms, a part of our roots, with a great landscape of mogotes with many caves, as the unique witness of theirs life. Viñales was founded in 1778 by Spanish and until today is easy to see their influence in the architecture of the houses painted with different colors and red tiles on the roof. The National Park Viñales is Heritage of the Humanity by UNESCO. (2.30 hours from Havana)

4 People – $170

8 People – $220


Cienfuegos city was founded by French in 1819, is famous for its architecture, people call it The City of the domes for its buildings and the pearl of the south. Once of the most important places for visiting is the Jose Marti central park, beautiful plaza with the emblematic Arc of triumph. Cienfuegos has a malecon, shorter than Havana malecon, with a beautiful sight to the bay, Thomas Acea cemetery, really interesting place being this the first cemetery in Cuba built in 1926 for rich and poor people. Not too far from the city there is El Nicho waterfalls, with a majestic view to the mountains with the Anabanilla River.

4 People – $140

8 People – $180

Varadero Beach

The best beach in Cuba, with white sands and really transparent waters, the beach with the seven colors, and this is because is the Caribbean Sea. On the way to the beach there is an interesting rock pool it call Saturno’s cave. In the highway is built the highest bridge in Cuba. Varadero beach is to the east zone from Havana city (2 hours drive)

4 People – $150

8 People – $190

Playa Larga (Bay of Pigs)

Just in the south area of Matanzas, there is this National Park, is the biggest swamp in Cuba. Bay of Pigs take the attention of their visitors thanks to the color of the coast, with; along the Guama River in fast boat, alligators reserve. The aquatic plants with a surprising variety. The biggest two towns Playa Larga and Playa Giron provide houses for rent with a modern architecture.

4 People – $230

8 People – $270


More than 500 years, Trinidad stopped in the time, so many things for doing and seeing, Trinidad in loves the tourist with it architecture founded by Spanish in 1514, with the views to the city, mountains and ocean. The city has a deep history with African slaves, all museums keep a different legend or real history of many years ago. More than two days is obligatory to stay in Trinidad. Ancon beach, Topes de Coyantes National Park make of our trip into Cuba, an unforgettable holydays in our life. (4 hours from Havana)

4 People – $140

8 People – $170

Sierra del Rosario

Green mountains, and the diversity of it endemic shows to the visitors more than they expect to see. Sierra del Rosario National Park keep a good reservation of the nature, is the unique ecologic community in Cuba, the coffee plantation Buena Vista since XIX century, the Castle of the clouds, both places are on the top of the two different mountains, from there the views are amazing. Las Terrazas community shelter around 1000 locals in the community, patrimony of the humanity by UNESCO. Soroa is the other area 20 minutes, driving by the mountains in Sierra del Rosario bring to the tourist waterfalls, orchid botanical garden and the visit to La excellence farm with more than 1000 medicinal plants. (1.30 hours from Havana)

4 People – $170

8 People – $200

Santa Clara

The City of Che Guevara, just to the north area from Trinidad, in the middle of Cuba, Santa Clara has some attractions and important places for visiting as The Revolution Square Che Guevara with a majestic mausoleum, The Central Park with a monument in honor to Marta Abreu its benefactor, there are bother important buildings as the principal theater and the provincial library. Santa Clara has the history of Che Guevara being this area in Cuba who Che lived longer time in his life. At the north area of Santa Clara there is one of the best virgin and natures beaches with many resorts. (3 hours from Havana)

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Arrangements of your accommodation in very nice zones, Including breakfast and dinner.


I help you prepare your itinerary in Cuba. Providing plenty information that you need for your holidays in the island.




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Sightseeing Tours

In the Caribbean Sea, the island nation of Cuba has tucked away an engaging history, charming culture, and, of course, relaxing beaches. One night in Havana can beguile visitors with the bustling music scene that has birth the styles of Son, salsa, rumba, and mambo and relaxing beaches.

There are also plenty of areas of natural beauty and gorgeous beaches dotted around the country.

Cuba offers the widest range of attractive excursions, ensuring that you enjoy your chosen destination to the full during your stay in Cuba. Spend your days relaxing on the wonderful beaches, with their crystal-clear waters and fine white sands, and the evenings enjoying the best of Cuban music with Caribbean cabarets full of fine touches.

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The underground culture of Cuban locals – as well as the famous classic cars that fill the streets of Havana – attract many visitors who are looking to experience a completely different type of trip from other islands in the region.

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